Our Story


A thread that defines a whole identity


YAFA يَافَا : is a beautiful city in Palestine where one of the co-founders of Yafa embroidery originated. Yafa is known as ( the bride of the sea) for its timeless beauty and rich history.

Embroidery تطريز : Palestinian embroidery, also known as "Tatreez," is a traditional form of art that holds significant cultural and historical importance in Palestinian. Embroidery Traditional dress ( Thobe)  is more than just attire; it's a way of expressing one's identity. It embodies the Palestinian heritage, civilization, history, and identity. It proves that Palestine is a land of civilization and the Palestinians are a people with history.  

Each thobe tells a tale; each thobe has a unique pattern including symbols such as birds, trees and flowers and various colorful stretches. The choice of colors & designs indicates the woman's regional identity and marital and economic status.

Our mission in Yafa Embroidery is to preserve the Palestinian heritage, culture and identity in the west and bring a taste of Palestine to Canada. In an effort to preserve Palestinian embroidery despite facing many challenges, such as limited resources, economic hardship, and the risk of losing cultural connections, not to mention dispersal and denial of nationhood. We decided to open this business and dream to witness Palestinian embroidery embraced and made accessible in the west and worn in many occasions, from celebratory events like henna parties and weddings, to more mundane moments.

We hope our products meet your expectations and you wear it proudly! 


Key features of Palestinian embroidery include:

  • Colorful Thread: Palestinian embroidery typically features vibrant and bold colors. The choice of colors can also carry cultural significance, with certain colors representing different themes, emotions and cities in Palestine. 

  • Symbolic Motifs: Many of the motifs used in Palestinian embroidery have symbolic meanings that are deeply rooted in the region's history, folklore, and identity. Common motifs include flowers, trees, and symbols representing aspects of daily life and cultural heritage.

  • Regional Variations: Different regions within historic Palestine (including the Yafa, Haifa, Ramallah , Tullkarem, Gaza Strip.

  • Traditional Dress: Palestinian embroidery is often associated with traditional Palestinian dress, particularly the thobe or jalabiya, which is a long, loose-fitting embroidered dress worn by Palestinian women. The embroidery on these garments can convey information about the wearer's region, social status, and even marital status.

  • Cultural Identity: Palestinian embroidery is not only a form of artistic expression but also a means of preserving and expressing cultural identity. The motifs and patterns passed down through generations carry the stories and heritage of the Palestinian people.